Recently, Wal-Mart dealt official signing with JinghongShengHua real estate Co.LTD, settled in Binkong International which is the developing commercial projects of  ShenHua.

 It is understood that Bin Kong International is a classic of many developmental items by ShengHua real estate Co.LTD , located in Menghai Road of Jinghong City.

It covers an area of 69.1 acres ,in which building area is about 160,000 square meters,and about 100,000 square meters for commercial use.

BinKong International is at the  east side of the Lancang River and Splashing Plaza nearby in the south. It has 100,000 square meters of commercial area and 1,200 parking spaces and italso has campaign theme of stores, five-star theater, real ice skating rink,Shopping Center etc.

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