The ethnic local flavour food of Xishuangbanna has a characteristic alone , especially the Dai style creates a system of one’s own, fundamental cooking method is to be baked,be fried,be steamed,be chopped,be pickles,seldom stir-fried;The flavour characteristic are :Fragrant,crisp,sour,spicy,fresh, Chinese and foreign tourists both feel it is very delicious. The Xishuangbanna special local product, primarily are tropical and subtropical plants,fruits and medicinal materials. 
               Main local flavour food : Dai style has lemongrass grilled fish, lemongrass package Steamed chicken,fried cowhide,boiled chicken with Sour Bamboo Shoots,baked pineapple Rice, ant eggs,Sour Bamboo Shoots boiled snail, fried moss, pickled beef  tendon etc. Hani style has bamboo pork, chicken porridge etc; The Blang style:package burn fresh squid,fresh fish soup with pebbles etc.
              Pu’er tea , seven-sons tea cake, is green tea , produce in MengHai County. As a tribute for ages, yunnan Pu’er tea is famed the world over, Tea flavor is mellow and refreshing aroma, and you can find pu’er tea in many grocery stores. Dragon’s Blood, is made by Xishuangbanna precious dracaenadroco, processed into a famous drug for traumatic injury, tendon injury,hemorrhage,gynecological and rheumatism with special effects.A variety of tropical fruits such as bananas, mango,pineapple,longan,jackfruit, lychees, passion fruit, papaya, guava,are sold all over the street.

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