Manting(chun huan) Park, located in the southeast of Jinghong City in Yunnan Province, is about 2 kilometers (about 1.24 miles) away from the urban area of that city. It has an area of 115,400 square meters (about 28.5 acres).

With a history of more than 1,300 years, Manting Park is the oldest park in Jinghong City. In medieval times, it was the park where feudal leaders went to relax and enjoy themselves. Manting Park is also called ‘Chunhuan Park’ which means the place where people can have their soul relax and keep all the earthly cares out of minds. This name came from a legend: One day, the King of the Dai ethnic group came to visit this park with his princess. The princess then was so completely enthralled by the beauty of the sceneries in the park that she lost her soul and forgot anything else around her.

Some historically meaningful attractions can also been seen in the park. As soon as visitors enter the park, a bronze statue comes into view. It depicts Premier Zhou Enlai, who once joyfully spent the Water-Splashing Festival with the Dai people. The statue commemorates that unforgettable day. To the left of the statue is the second historical attraction: two dodhi trees planted by the princess of Thailand symbolize the friendship between Thailand and China. (more…)


A big-leaf banyan tree growing in tropics and subtropical zone is located 3.5 km south Da Luo town near the boundary of China-Myanmar, with the height of 28 meters, the history of 900 years, the covering area of 120 square meters which acts as both a fence and a green protective screen.

Some aerial roots will grow from the trunk of the big banyan tree to whose base they would twine. Through the branches of the banyan tree breaks 32 aerial roots that are hanging down into the earth to be an aerial roots jungle. These straight aerial roots stand in lines like the soldiers who protect their motherland at the frontier, which makes people respectful. Therefore, the One-Tree-Grove scenery in Da Luo town is indispensable for the tourists to Xishuangbanna.


China’s elephants exist only in tropical rain forest in Xishuangbanna now. The Xishuangbanna wild elephant valley, is the best place for wild elephant researches,that make xishuangbanna wild elephant valley be famous.If you are luck enough,you can witness elephants here, of course most people didn’t have such opportunities.The unique tropical rain forest landscape, has attracted more and more people.

       Xishuangbanna wild elephant valley is 45km away on the north of Jinghong City and 115 kilometers on the south of Simao City, No.213 State Road nearby.The wild elephants mainly living in Mengyang Nature Reserve where wild elephant valley located in,Mengyang rainforest nature reserve has about three hundred existing Asian elephant, twenty of them are domesticated.And now at main scenic spots in wild elephant valley,there has walking trails across the whole area and there also has elevated corridors, tree hotels, forest bar just for visitors to watch elephant activities. In addition, the scenic area is also rich in ethnic customs shows, Daily 11:00 am ~ 12:00 , 14:00 ~ 15:00 there have free performances for tourists, but if you want to take pictures with the elephants, charges will be 10 yuan.